Bughaw Sports Ambassador MEGGIE OCHOA elaborates on how to leverage the use of digital and social media in influencing others.

The Rise of the Digital Athlete


BUGHAW DIGITAL:          How has digital or social media helped you as an athlete?

Digital and social media definitely has helped me so much as an athlete, especially throughout this jiu-jitsu journey. Back in 2014, when I didn’t really have enough funds yet to compete in the world championships, I did crowdfunding. So, crowdfunding, we used digital means to be able to raise funds for the IBJJF World Championships back in 2014. And that helped a lot.

Social media “has made the world like a smaller place.”

Also, like in terms of promoting the sport, there’s also a huge difference now that we’re in the digital age wherein you can get techniques online. I mean, those techniques you won’t normally have access to if you’re like in a country like the Philippines ‘coz most of them are from the US or from Brazil. So, it actually has made the world like a smaller place. And, you will have access to, like, top quality techniques and things that will help you in terms of developing as an athlete.


BUGHAW DIGITAL:          How will you leverage your growing digital following and influence others?

In terms of the way I can use digital media to influence others, I think, I can answer that. Number 1, by helping promote this sport because jiu-jitsu is not as popular as the other mainstream sports yet. And digital means will definitely give a better platform for the sport.

And I think the second way to be able to influence others is through the movement of Fight To Protect, because it will definitely enable me to reach an even bigger audience that I won’t be able to physically reach.


BUGHAW DIGITAL:          How will social media change the face of sports?

Social media will change the face of sports, I think, related to what I said earlier: it actually makes the world like a smaller place. Because, let’s say, even in a far-flung island, as long as they have internet, they will have access to top quality techniques, top quality fighters. They’ll have access to different kinds of sports, different kinds of techniques that will enable them to develop those sports and techniques locally. So, I think, that’s one way in which the digital media can really impact the world of sports nowadays.

And also, like, as athletes, I think one challenge that athletes face is the sustainability of being an athlete. And social media definitely adds value to an athlete’s sustainability financially because it enables athletes to become influencers and, maybe, companies nowadays are a lot more interested in using that leverage that athletes have because of their social media following.



Hi, I’m Meggie Ochoa. Alagang Bughaw Digital. Proud to be a Dugong Bughaw.