Bughaw Sports Ambassador and Jiu-jitsu Athlete, MEGGIE OCHOA, talks about her training and mindset.

On The Mat

BUGHAW DIGITAL: What do you do to prepare for a match?

Well, of course, I believe that there’re different aspects to a person. There’s a physical aspect; there’s a mental aspect; and there’s a spiritual or emotional aspect also.

Physically, while we go through rigorous training, we go through strength and conditioning. We do weights, and then, the most important part, though, is the mat time; meaning, actually studying the techniques that you’ll gonna do in competition, pushing yourself to the maximum limit in competition training, which happens on the mat — so yung mga sparring, ganyan, na iba’t ibang klase, building up your strategy.

Jiu-jitsu is a lot of mind work, even more than physical work, so sometimes you have to analyze your opponents and then you’ll have to study what specific ways you will be able to defeat them. We do strategy also in terms of, let’s say, a match is 6 minutes, for example. And then, in the first minute, how should you fight? Or, let’s say you’re behind and then in the last 30 seconds, what should you be able to do to catch-up or to win the match even if you’re way behind?

So, stuff like that.

There are many different ways to prepare physically.

Mentally, spriritually, emotionally, I only use one way to be able to prepare all of those aspects. That is, remembering the reasons why I do this, focusing on God, spending time with Him, reading His word, and a lot of quiet time. It’s very important to me. I have to, like, refocus my intentions, refocus my motivations, and my reasons.

All of these things, they build up the power that I use in the actual competition. Very important also is, I usually listen to worship songs and that really helps me re-center.

BUGHAW DIGITAL: What’s your mantra?

To be honest with you, I don’t really have a mantra that’s just, like, one line. But the idea or thought that I use for me to be able to live out the way that I live is… it’s related also to my journey through Fight To Protect; (that) is, my purpose as a human being is to glorify God with everything that I have, everything that I am, because everything that I am is from Him.

In everything I do or everything I commit to, I give it my best; I give it my all. No matter what the result may be, I think that, the effort, the energy, and the amount of myself that I put into something matters more than what the actual result will come out to be.

BUGHAW DIGITAL: What is your advice for aspiring athletes who want to take jiu-jitsu?

For aspiring athletes that want to take up jiu-jitsu, I guess the first step is… don’t be afraid to try. Because I think Jiu-jitsu, on the outside, it kind of looks a bit intimidating or, maybe, too close contact. I think, especially, for females, it might seem awkward, because most of the classes are composed of males. But I think if you have that desire to try, it’s important to go for it and not be afraid, and just take the first step. Once you’re there, you always have to keep an open mind because it’s quite an unusual sport. It will really challenge your creativity and, I think that you just have to keep an open mind. Just keep trying. It will really make you grow in this sport.

So, to whoever is watching this, to all the viewers, first of all, thank you for watching. Thank you for tuning-in, and please pray for us — not just for me, but pray for the Jiu-Jitsu National Team — in all the tournaments that we’ll gonna be joining this year. We have the World Pro. We have the Asian championship. We have the world championship.

This year, we’re really preparing a lot for 2021, which is gonna be the biggest year for me, in Jiu-jitsu.

Please pray for us and continue to support our journeys.

Thank you so much.